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Quantin Binnah conducts an annual review of all policies. Document version control on each policy is only updated when an amendment is made.

Check out our key policy areas or our full policies below:

Child Safety

Food & Allergies

Medical Management

Asthma Managment


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Full Policies

  • What are your Opening and Closing Hours for all venues?
    Quantin Binnah Admin office 8:30am to 6:00pm Quantin Binnah Childcare 6:30am to 6:00pm Woodville Childcare 6:55am to 6:25pm Before School Care 6:30am to 8:45am After School Care Quantin Binnah, Corpus Christi, Newport and St Leo 3:00pm to 6:00pm After School Care Our Lady, St John and St Martin 3:00pm to 6:30pm
  • How do I enrol my child in a Qb service?
    Check out our enrolments page under childern's services. Enrolment information for all services is on this page. Click Here for enrolments page:
  • Are meals provided in Childcare?
    Childcare children will be offered breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Weekly menus are displayed in the foyer.
  • Is food provided in School Age Care?
    Breakfast is served in our Before School Care venues until 8:00am each morning Breakfast options will include cereal, toast, fruit and an additional breakfast of the day option. Afternoon tea is provided in After School Care venues. Fruit is provided each afternoon along with a snack of the day.
  • Vacation care and Curriculum days does my child need to bring lunch?
    Yes, your child will need to bring a packed lunch and morning snack to Vacation Care and Curriculum Day Care. Please ensure that there are NO NUT products in your child’s lunch and snack. We will provide afternoon snacks in both instances.
  • How do I book a casual session? (Applies to School Age Care only)
    Once you have registered your child by enrolling in one of our before and after school care services you can make casual bookings by contacting admin on 9742 5040 or We do not offer casual or occasional Childcare (Long Day Care).
  • How can I cancel my child's care  and SAC?
    If your child has a permanent before and/ or after school care session with us and you would like to cancel this all together and be registered as casual, you will be required to give us 2 weeks’ notice that you are cancelling. If your child has a permanent place in childcare and you are wanting to cancel you are required to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing to
  • How do I add a new person as an authorised/emergency/pickup contact?
    If you are wanting to add on additional authorised emergency and/or pick up contacts to your child’s enrolment, please email the following information to Name Address Mobile Number Relationship to child Confirm if contact is an authorised emergency contact, an authorised pick up contact or both.
  • Allowable absences explanation (For Childcare and School Age Care only)
    You can get up to 42 allowable absence days per child each financial year. If you reach your allowable absence limit, you may get additional absences. Please advise us if you have special circumstances for an absence once you have gone over 42 . We may be able to apply for an additional absence on your behalf. You may need to provide us with supporting documents (i.e. Medical Certificate). If your child attends a childcare service in Victoria, you can access 45 extra allowable absence days for a special purpose. In the case of the coronavirus (COVID-19), this means, you can get up to 87 allowable absence days per child for the 2020-21 financial year.
  • How much am I entitled to with the Child Care Subsidy?
    The Child Care Subsidy percentage you’re entitled to depends on your family’s income. Centrelink work out your Child Care Subsidy (CCS) percentage using your family income estimate. Your CCS percentage is the amount subsidised. It will apply to either your hourly fee or the relevant hourly rate cap, whichever is lower. You can still claim this subsidy even if your family income estimate is $353,680 or more. If you actually earn less than this, Centrelink may still pay you any subsidy you’re entitled to. This will be done when Centrelink balance your payments at the end of the financial year. Click here for the Childcare subsidy Calculator:
  • Is there an Annual Child Care Subsidy Cap?
    If your family earns $189,390 or less, you won’t have an annual cap on your subsidy. If your family earns between $189,390 and $353,680 we’ll cap your subsidy. This means Centrelink subsidises your fees up to the annual cap of $10,560 per child each financial year. This is as of 1st of Aug 2021.
  • Child Care Subsidy Withholding
    Centrelink will withhold 5% of your subsidy. This is to help reduce the likelihood of you getting an overpayment. Centrelink use your family income estimate to work out how much subsidy you’ll get. This means at the end of each financial year they balance your payments using your actual adjusted taxable income. Centrelink will compare this information to make sure they have subsidised your child care fees correctly in the financial year. If you underestimated your family income, you may end up with an overpayment which you’ll need to pay back. Centrelink will use the amount we withheld to help reduce the debt. If you have a CCS overpayment, Centrelink may use some of your CCS each fortnight to pay this back. If you overestimated your family income and didn’t get enough subsidy, Centrelink will pay any outstanding amount directly to you. This will include the amount we withheld.
  • What happens to Child Care Subsidy when a child is absent on their first or last day?
    When a child is absent on their first day of care or their last day of care, Services Australia will not pay their Child Care Subsidy. Under the law, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service. If your child does not attend their last booked session of care, no Child Care Subsidy will be paid for that session or any days after the child’s last physical attendance at the service. The Child Care Subsidy that was paid for a childs last day when that last day was an absence will normally be overturned 14 weeks after the last day absence and will then be deemed as an amount owing to Quantin Binnah by you.
  • Balancing Child Care Subsidy - Annual Income Declaration of Income for CCS before the end of each financial year
    To ensure that you continue to receive Child Care Subsidy, you need to you need to confirm your income. If you have a partner, they’ll need to do this too. You can do this in 2 ways: By completing your TAX return Contacting Centrelink directly 13 61 50 You will complete this process before the end of each financial year. For more information, please visit Services Australia website:
  • Explaining once off admin fee
    When applying for/ enrolling in School Age Care, Childcare or Playgroup there is a one off non-refundable admin fee.
  • How often do I get invoiced and how do I pay?
    Invoices for before and after school care and Child Care are sent weekly. Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit and this also occurs weekly. 4 year old Kinder, 3 year old Kinder and Playgroup services are invoiced per term and the due date for fees to be paid will be displayed on the invoice. Term fees can be paid by cash, card or NET Banking. More information can be found on our enrolment page under fees and payments. Click here to view the enrolments page:
  • NET Banking details – QB’s BSB and Account number
    ACCOUNT NAME QUANTIN BINNAH COMMUNITY CENTRE BSB 013664 ACCOUNT NO 254574717 BRANCH NAME WERRIBEE PLAZA - HOPPERS CROSSING REFERENCE Service Area and Family Name If your family is using more than one service area, please make two separate payments.
Check out our Parent Handbook:
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