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Medical Management

Our medical management plans follow Quantin Binnah’s Medical Conditions Policy.


Please see the policies page for the entire policy:

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As per our Medical Conditions Policy, we are unable to permit children to attend our services without their appropriate up to date medical management plans or their individual medication requirements.

Please print the appropriate medical management plan, in colour, prior to attending the Dr’s for sign-off/stamp and please provide a small coloured photo to be attached to these plans.

Please find the appropriate medical management plan at:





Or for asthma plans please see: 



The completed medical management plans with your Dr’s sign off can be attached to your enrolment or may be returned via email to or handed in at your relevant service.

Parents are also required to bring their child's medication to the service. The medication must be within the use by date, be clearly labelled in the original packaging with your child's name and correct dosage on the pharmacy label.

Quantin Binnah has children with Anaphylaxis attending.
Please help us to keep children with Anaphylaxis safe. 

Read some of the Policy here:  

Quantin Binnah Community Centre will involve all educators, families and children in regular discussions about medical conditions and general health and wellbeing throughout the curriculum.  The service will adhere to privacy and confidentiality procedures when dealing with individual health needs.

A copy of the Medical Conditions Policy will be provided to all educators and volunteers at the service.  The policy will also be provided to parents/carers of children enrolled at the service including those whose child/ren have been identified as having specific health care needs or allergies.  Educators are also responsible for raising any concerns with a child’s parents/ carer about medical conditions/ suspected medical conditions, or known allergens that pose a risk to the child.

No child enrolled at the service will be able to attend the service without medication prescribed by their medical practitioner.  In particular, no child who has been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injection device, insulin injection device or asthma inhaler is permitted to attend the service or its programs without a device.

Families are required to provide information about their child’s health care needs, allergies, medical conditions and medication on the Enrolment Form and are responsible for updating the service about any changes, including any new medication, ceasing of medication, or changes to their child’s prescription.  Where children have specific health care needs or medical conditions, risk minimisation and communication plans are required as discussed below.


The Organisation will provide support and information to families about resources and support for managing specific health care needs and medical conditions, including allergies, anaphylaxis asthma and diabetes.  Where a child has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis, a notice stating the anaphylaxis risk and the nature of the allergen will be displayed so it is clearly visible from the main entrance.


The following medical information must be provided in the Enrolment Record: all relevant medical conditions including where applicable the Anaphylaxis/Allergy Medical Management Plan, Asthma Medical Management Plan and Diabetes Medical Management Plan.


The Enrolment Form provides an opportunity for parents/carers to help the service effectively meet their child’s health and medical needs. All educators and volunteers at the Service follow a child’s medical management plan, including in the event of an incident related to the child’s specific health care needs or medical condition.

Families must:

  • Advise details of specific health care needs or medical conditions including asthma, diabetes and allergies, and whether the child has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis.

  • Provide a medical management plan prepared by the child’s doctor in respect of any specific health care needs or medical conditions. 


The plan should:

  • Include a photo of the child;

  • State what triggers the allergy or medical condition if relevant;

  • State first aid required;

  • Contact details of the doctor who signed the plan;

  • Medical management plan must be officially endorsed by your child’s medical practitioner in the form of the doctor's stamp/ seal or their GP Provider number

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