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Service Philosophy

For more information on our values check here:

The Quantin Binnah staff and management worked collaboratively and consulted with our community to develop the service philosophy. 


In relation to all Children, Families, Community Members and Staff, Quantin Binnah strives to:

  • Promote a safe and secure environment

  • Encourage all service users to respect each other, the property of QB and the equipment contained within

  • Aspire to provide equal opportunity to all

  • Develop strong trusting connections and open communication

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging

  • Provide a nurturing environment and programs that are inclusive and that respect diversity

  • Have awareness, sensitivity and compassion for additional and individual needs

  • Cater to individual needs

  • Promote and explore all avenues of creativity

  • Seek out and explore all avenues of social enterprise, partnerships and networks

  • To support sustainability and respect for our environment and planet

Click here to view our Code of Ethics & Staff Code of Conduct:

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