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Maternal & Child Health Service

Maternal and Child Health is a service run through Wyndham City Council and provided at Quantin Binnah Community Centre. 


The council will arrange this service for you.


Maternal and Child Health services offer professional nursing support and advice for parents of children from birth to school age. 

Services included consultation and support with parenting issues, regular health and development checks for children at 10 key stages, groups for first-time parents, health screening, information about community and family support services, and referrals to other professional as required. 

For more information please visit Wyndham City Council's website:

Contact Points

Quantin Binnah

Maternal & Child Health Nurse:


24 Hour

Advice and Support Line:


Wyndham City Council

 Maternal & Child Health Unit:


9731 2615



13 22 29



9742 8148

How to make a booking:

  • Phone on 1300 370 567


  • Book online with Wyndham City Council:

Check out our Parent Handbook:
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