What is your Anaphylaxis Procedure?

All children who have indicated an anaphylaxis diganosis with need to provide an Anaphlyaxis management plan upon Enrolment. Children cannot attend Qb service without this information. Staff at your child's service will complete a risk minimization plan in consulattion with you. For more information please refer to Policy #4 Anaphlaxis Management - under Child Safe/ Health and Safety here: Parents/Carers will be required to provide Qb with their child's EpiPen®. Our organisation recognises the importance of all educators responsible for the child/ren at risk of anaphylaxis undertaking training that includes preventative measures to minimise the risk of an anaphylactic reaction, recognition of the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and emergency treatment, including administration of an EpiPen®. Click here to download an action plan:

What is your policy on nuts?

At Quantin Binnah we're a NO nuts centre, including our off site locations.

My child has a food intolerance, what should I do?

Please inform us on your child's enrolment form of your child's intolerance and we do our best accomodate your childs needs. We can provide Gluten free, Vegetarian and Halal options at our services. However if your child has a diganosed allergy you will required to fill in a allergy management plan.

For more information please refer to Policy # 35 Food, Nutrition and Beverage Policy - under Child Safe / Health and Safety here:

If you or our staff need more information regarding your child's dietery requirements we can organise consultaton.

My child has an allergy, what should I do?

When you enrol your child you will fill in an allergy management plan and any information regarding your child's allergies. Staff at your child's service will complete a risk minimization plan in consultation with you. Click the image to download our form:

Food & Allergies

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