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Staff Code of Conduct

Quantin Binnah Code of Ethics and Staff Code of Conduct

Quantin Binnah is a committed Child Safe organisation and has zero-tolerance for child abuse. Every child and young person accessing Quantin Binnah has the right to feel safe.  

Quantin Binnah Community Centre aims to ensure all staff abide by the ethical behaviour expected by the organisation in their working relationship with all stakeholders.

All staff of the Quantin Binnah Community Centre including volunteers and students will uphold the following six ethical conduct principles at all times, and promote positive interactions within the service and the local community. 

Staff will abide by the following principles:

  1. Commitment to our Service philosophy and values, including the promotion of a meaningful connection to best practice in service provision, with each other and in engagement with the community.

  2. Effective, open and respectful two-way communication and feedback between employees, children, families, community members and management.

  3. Honesty and integrity in all interactions between children, families, community members, employees and managers.

  4. Consistency and reliability in all exchanges with children, families, community members, employees and managers.

  5. Commitment to a workplace which values and promotes the safety, health and wellbeing of employees, volunteers, children and families.


Commitment to an Equal Opportunity workplace and culture which values the knowledge, experience and professionalism of all employees, team members and managers and values the diverse heritage of our community.

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