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Settling back into Routine-Post COVID

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Tips for helping your child get settled post COVID lockdowns.

The first few weeks when leaving your children for the first time or starting a new routine can be challenging for both Parent, Carers and children, whether this be childcare, kinder or after school care. We recommend to plan your mornings so as you are calm and not rushing and so you can allow time to say farewell. We have noticed this term the challenges of 2020 have made it additionally challenging for all. We understand it is natural to feel anxious when there is a change to the family routine. Our staff will support your child to settle in and will support their learning and development

“The first few weeks when leaving your children for the first time or starting a new routine can be challenging for both Parent, Carers and children...”

The Quantin Binnah Team is here to support your family through this process and here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

1. You can talk about the things your child will do for the day. For example; ‘Stella, do you remember we saw blocks at Quantin Binnah? You’ll be able to build with them like you do at home’.

2. Routines can help your child feel safe and secure, particularly when new things are happening. You could set up a routine for mornings.

3. Say goodbye to your child so that they know that you’re leaving, and tell them that you’ll pick them up at the end of the day.

4. Model positive behaviour. Our children gain confidence from seeing warm, positive and friendly interactions between important people in their lives, including their parents, carers and teachers.

5. Stay informed with teachers and Qb. Good communication with your child’s teacher also helps you share relevant information and helps the teacher know how best to respond to your child. We love to learn more about what is important to your family.

6. Get you child excited about visiting Qb. Your child takes cues from you, so if you’re worried about being at Quantin Binnah they pick up on this. You might be feeling worried about whether your child will fit in – will they find friends, feel comfortable, feel like they belong and be able to do what’s asked of them? Sometimes lots of questions about how much lunch they ate for example can create anxiety for the children.

7. Show your child you believe in them. If you show your child that you think they can manage at Quantin Binnah, they will start to believe it too.

Thank you for working in partnership with the Quantin Binnah Team to support your children’s independence and education and care experience.

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